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Default Re: continuing audiosuite crashes

I have the same problem with audiosuite, both with 6.2.2. and now 6.2.3, and all of my plugs ARE up-to-date.. (brand new HD3 Accel/dual G5 2ghz,1.5 gigs ram). It seems worse than it ever was under OS9---back then I was only having 2 or 3 crashes per day; now it's more like 6 or 7. Almost always, audiosuite is the culprit, whether I'm previewing, processing, or simply selecting a plug. Some plugs are worse than others---Speed and GRM tools are particularly bad. I was really hoping they'd get around to fixing these issues under OS X. Almost every PT user I know has had these same audiosuite crashes for years. At least they don't typically lock up your whole machine.

I also sometimes get an extremely annoying message, usually when trying to use audiosuite gain or pitch: "This plug-in will only process 48 channels at a time..etc" or some crap.

Anybody have any magical solutions to the constant audiosuite crashes?
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