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Default Re: Trying to use Eleven Rack with Skype

You seem confused here and I don't think the earlier replies have gotten you past that. Most importantly the Eleven Rack is *not* a stand alone mixer. It does not do what you seem to be assuming it can. You need to read the User Guide. There is no mixer, so you can't just take say a Mic input or any other input and get it out of an analog or digital output on the Eleven Rack.

The only internal stand alone processing it can do is send one input you choose though the guitar rig. You can sent the Mic as rig input and then get a rig processed signal on main out, amp1/2 and digital out. But that is a guitar rig processed signal, you can make the rig gain clean so the Mic kinda sounds OK but this is a guitar processor not a Mic preamp so you would be trying to screw a screw in with the wrong size hammer.

But the Eleven Rack when connected to your computer does provide multiple inputs. Input 1 is the Mic Input, called "Mic Inout"

Originally Posted by needled39 View Post
it lists the eleven rack as mic input options just like before, but no audio signal comes through when I select line in or any of the other eleven rack options
What exactly lists what and what exactly are you selecting? Start posting screenshots showing exactly what you are looking at.

The Mic input on the Eleven Rack is Mic In, not Line In. Why are you trying to select Line In or anything else besides Mic In? The inputs of the Eleven Rack, in order are:

Input 1: Dry guitar
Input 2: Microphone
Input 3/4: Stereo rig output
input 5/6: Stereo digital in (AES/EBU or S/PDIF)
Input 7/8: Stereo line in

Don't waste time trying anything but the Mic Input.

What exact make/model Mic are you using. Have you checked phantom power with a multimeter? Do you know for sure that Mic and cable work OK?

What version of Windows are you running?

Put aside Pro Tools 8 it does nothing for you here.

If you want to use the Eleven Rack as the overall sound device (why would you not in this case?). Start by getting the most basic stuff to work. Get the Eleven Rack working as your Windows system audio output device with sound coming out of the monitors/headphones connected to the Eleven Rack. Can you see the Eleven Rack Mic Input in the Windows Sound settings? Set the Windows Sound recording input to that and try using Windows Sound recorder/Voice recorder to record that. Now try with Skype.

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