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Default MIDI Interface that works with Digi 001?


wonder if anyone could give me some advice. I'm thinking of buying a USB MIDI-interface to expand the ports of my setup so I can have separate midi ports dedicated to each piece of hardware that I use. I was thinking about purchasing an Emagic AMT8 or an Emagic MT4 or a Roland MPU64.

I am worried about spending money on an interface and then finding out that it's not going to work with my "Legacy" Digi 001 studio. I'm running Pro Tools 6.4 on a Mac G4 with OSX.3.8.

I've checked around on the net and found one worrying post on Tweakheadz lab forum about problems running an AMT8 with the same setup that I have. Here's the thread

with no solution to this problem!!

Will the Emagic AMT8 work with my studio set up?
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