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Default Re: Timebase Rulers Error

No...I don't have meter changes...the tempo does not changes. It starts on 104 bpm to ending. What I said that When I composed and arranged (created) that music. I started the tempo at 100 bpm , by the time I finished using aax instruments like Stylus RMX , Xpand 2 , IK Modo Bass, etc and recorded all the midi tracks , audio tracks. I realized that the tempo must be up so I changed the tempo from beginning to the end 100 to 104. So, that things (timebase ruler) happen to screw up.
That was my questions ?
What was wrong ?
Did I do something with Protools because when that music play at 100 bpm the timebase ruler just fine / ok.
The problem came when I change the tempo from beginning to the end at 104 bpm
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