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Default Internal PCIe-based Flash Storage for Pro Tools audio

Hello, I am about to buy a new MacBook Pro retina display and I am debating whether to get the pricey 1Tb PCIe-based Flash Storage or the 500Gb it comes with.
Right now I am always carrying/using a bus powered GlyphTech PortaGig FireWire 800 drive with me for sessions and I am wondering whether these new SSD drives inside the new Macs are fast enough that they can be used instead of an external FW drive (especially because I don't know how fast that will be once there is the Thunderbolt-to-FireWire conversion happening on top of everything else).
The question is:
- can I use the internal Flash memory of the new MacBook Pro to record/edit sessions since they are supposed to be so much faster than FW, or is it still better to use an external FW drive?
- is it worth it to get the 1Tb drive for $500 more instead of the 500Gb drive that comes with the Mac considering that now I do have a 500Gb drive which is almost full and that I read the new MBP can not be upgraded to bigger drives?
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