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Default Digi 002 Standalone external clock and blinking indicator.


Recently I got some pieces of old audio equipment for free and among other things, there were 2 audio interfaces - Digi 003 Rack and Digi 002 Console.
Sure I decided to connect both interfaces via ADAT to get 16 channels for recording.
So now Digi 003 Rack is connected to PC via firewire. PC is Windows 7 32-bit, installed Pro Tools LE 8.0.5. Driver is 8.0.4.beta - I'm using Cubase mostly.
And Digi 002 Console in Standalone mode is connected to Digi 003 via ADAT.

After reading user manuals it turned out that there is no way to set sample rate to 48kHz manually on Digi 002 Console. It need to be clocked externally via S/PDIF cable.
So I used coaxial RCA cable from 003's S/PDIF-out to 002's S/PDIF-in.
Cable is 1m length, non-brand, but all copper core and shield. Cable continuity testing passed, no shorts.

I've set 003's sample rate to 48kHz, set 003's clock source to internal, set 003's optical to ADAT, set 002's clock source to S/PDIF. Set session to 48/24.
002's sample rate indicator switched to 48kHz, but start blinking. According to user manual - blinking indicator is not good: either there is no signal or the signal is bad.
Ok, but I tried to record few lengthy 16 channel sessions - and there are no pops, clicks, etc. All is good. But indicator continue blinking...

I spent some time reading forums - with "bad" clocking I should get clearly distinguishable pops, clicks, etc. Which I do not hear.
Also 002 do understand that I want 48kHz (and not other sample rate) and switching indicator to 48kHz.
The only problem that it keep blinking this led.

Has anyone tried to feed clock to 002 in Standalone mode? Whether the indicator was blinking or was steady?
Can it be just misprint in user manual or be firmware related?
I've ordered new brand coaxial RCA cable for further investigations, but delivery will be only in few weeks.
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