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Default Re: Syncing pro tools hd and 3 camera live video shoot

Originally Posted by Philthy View Post
Sorry to go off topic, but I'm curious why two digital disc-based recording systems are still doing things like drifting apart in time? We're dealing with sampling rates of tens of thousands to a second, yet systems aren't independently keeping good enough time? How big a problem is this- say, what kind of drift might the OP expect over a 40 minute program? I've never met drift that I couldn't fix by correctly matching frame rates, but when I'm worried about sync it's usually just 3-minute videos- too short a time to notice the problem?
As Kelsey already mentioned, if you DON'T sync your audio to the video sync generator, your audio will drift over time... guaranteed. If you can have timecode going everywhere, that's good for keeping everything at the same 'location' when you mix, but if you don't have sync then timecode won't matter.

Having one MASTER CLOCK tells all devices "LOOK AT ME!! My signal of 59.94 Hz is what EVERYONE references to." Forty eight thousand samples per second where one second equals 59.94. Thirty frames (or sixty) of video where one second equals 59.94.

If you can only get one source from video, ALWAYS take video sync, and it doesn't have to be from a black burst generator... you can always run a video feed to the Sync IO and plug it into the video input, NOT video reference. The video carries the same reference signal embedded as black burst would generate.
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