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Lightbulb Pro Tools 8.0cs1 Updates & Satellite Option Updates

Pro Tools 8.0cs1 updates for all versions of Pro Tools 8.0 are available for download from the Pro Tools CS Updates page in the Support section:

Pro Tools CS Updates

Pro Tools 8 Systems
The following are the current CS Updates for Pro Tools 8. Previous installation of Pro Tools 8.0 for Mac OS X Leopard, Windows XP, or Windows Vista 32 is required.

Released January 19, 2009:

Pro Tools 8.0cs1 includes the following:

All Platforms (HD, LE, M-Powered, Mac & Windows)

Fixed: Converting Sample Rate During Save Copy In or Import Session Data Adversely Affects Volume Automation (Item #111930)
  • Saving a session copy with sample rate conversion to a rate different from the session's may result in erroneous automation ramps between breakpoints. This is mostly evident in scenarios where a static automation level had been changed over the duration of a single region.
Fixed: Crash When Removing Files that are also used in Transfuser (Item #107710)
  • Removing a file from the Pro Tools region list or project browser may crash Pro Tools if another audio file with the same name is already used by Transfuser.
Fixed: Channel width changes may remove downstream mono plug-ins and related automation without warning. (Item #112589)
  • Changing the channel width by inserting a mono-to-stereo plug-in to a mono track will remove a downstream mono plug-in (and all its automation data) that resides on underlying insert slots without warning.

HD Only (HD Mac & Windows)

Fixed: Importing Audio Into a Session With Many Video Regions May Take a Long Time (Item #110829)
  • Sessions containing many video regions may cause audio file import to take a long time. This affects importing from DigiBase or via drag and drop from the desktop and may cause delays of up to 10 seconds per file.
Fixed: Satellite Protocol Communication Issues
  • This fix is recommended for all users of Media Composer-based Video Satellite, Satellite Link, and Video Satellite LE.
  • When using Pro Tools 8.0cs1 or higher with Satellite Link or Video Satellite LE, all connected satellite systems must be running Pro Tools 8.0cs1 or higher.
  • When using Media Composer-based Video Satellite with Pro Tools 8.0cs1 or higher, you must run Avid Media Composer 3.1.2 or higher. Media Composer 3.1.2 updates can be downloaded here:
  • Pro Tools 8.0 cannot be connected as a satellite to other systems running Pro Tools 8.0cs1 or higher, or Media Composer 3.1.2 or higher.
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