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Default Re: Need Help with AIR Structure - Creating a patch from imported samples

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
Its not just me. Here's Benoni's rant. He's exactly right in what he says in the first 5 min or so. This update process is totally unacceptable!
That was like over a year ago and I STILL have not tried ANY updates of AIR products. I'll use what I have at the current version. Instead, I just got Komplete 11 Ultimate last year (upgraded from K9), and it's been great. Updates are simple, Native Access works very well now (there were problems last year), and there is so much content included. Plus, Kontakt and Reaktor are so deep, between those two, there isn't a sound in the world you can't create.

It's not that AIR VIs are bad, they sound good, but the update process is crazy.

BTW, Native Instruments has Komplete upgrades at 50% off right now. Well worth the investment IMO.
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