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Default Re: Need Help with AIR Structure - Creating a patch from imported samples

Originally Posted by unkJE View Post
I bought the DVD “Pro Tools Accelerated Videos — High-Definition Edition 8009-59046-00” for $25 in 2009 from the Avid Store.
I've PM'd Jeffro (Mr Fix-It!) to see if it can be made available again, from the Avid Store.
Well, the bad news is the original PT Accelerated video with Phil Jackson is still nowhere to be found. But the GOOD news is, I found the session where I used the technique following the example he did in that video. I did this session a long time back and just stumbled on it last night going through some older sessions. So, I made a template from it so I can easily import it all set up ready to go whenever I wish.

I was able to reverse engineer it to figure out how it was done, too, so I should be able to replicate it whenever I wish.

Its a great way to create a stutter effect using a full sample phrase.
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