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Default Re: PT LE = 48 voices petition

Here we go again. But I would have to add 48 'voicable' tracks.

And since we are getting "Improved host processing efficiency" in PT 7, then I think we will need to put it to use.

But I'll have to warn you Phil, your gonna get a few posts from DUC members who will tell you that 48 tracks will cut into the sales of HD systems(That makes sense. So I just built an SSL/Neve based studio and I'm gonna have a 48 track 002 patched into it, with a powerharness that can go anytime after I lockout the studio for a client for $2000.00 per day. NOT.) and that PT LE stands for 'Limited Edition' and will ALWAYS be limited(So lets 'limit' it to 48 voicable tracks) and that PT LE is just a tease so that you will want to by an HD rig (which most LE owners will never own anyway) and that you need to look at the bigger picture and that you will NEVER get it and that petitions never really got us anything in the past but it doesnt hurt to ask and if they did that then it would be in competition with HD and that you should of researched PT LE before you bought it and that if you buy another app like Nuendo with a decent I/O box then it will cost slightly more than a 002 and that The Beatles got by with only 4 tracks and that you should stop your bitching and whining.

Count me in on 48 tracks.

Then all the big studios, Hollywood/Bollywood Film studios and HD owners will dump their HD rigs for PT LE and patch their $1200.00 Digi 002 into that million dollar SSL/Neve board.

And the Feature Request Form doesnt hurt now and then.

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