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Default PT10 - downloaded 32-bit xpand, NI and Kontakt - how to Install?

I have Xpand2, NI and Kontakt downloaded in RTAS form from my AVID account which knows I have Protools 10. I am running my pt10 on Windows 7. It is version 10.3.8 (I believe). I also got an AIR Instruments zip file.

Now - I also got all of these same programs when I bought my Triple Play midi pickup - and so I believe they may all already installed on my computer - BUT, I don't see them as options in a session, so maybe they are not installed, or maybe they are installed incorrectly.

These things (XPand2 and AIR) used to come as part of the ProTools installation, but that ended with PT10 - they are a separate download (still available).

I do know that one of the big issues with PT plugins is that the right files must be in the correct folders. I even saw a message about needed Kontakt.dll in the program files folder so I have that downloaded as well.

Avid says the correct folder for these plugins is /Program Files/Digidesign - but that folder was not on my computer. So I created it (it is still empty)

The question: it seems the art of installing these aftermarket freebies to PT 10 is somewhat a lost art. Does anyone know how to install the 32-bit version of Kontakt, NI and Xpand2 to PT10 - all of which were downloaded from the Avid web site?

Mainly, I have had success in the past by moving files to the correct plugin folders - Or maybe I should just start from scratch but uninstalling what I have on there already would be a long process (regedit, etc).

BTW: I do have non-HD, and I do also have the registration numbers for the free downloads (I got it through Fishman when I got the Triple Play).
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