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Default Re: Heat + Complete Plugin Bundle for all subscribers

A small offtop. Do you think that recent price increase for subscriptions and renewals means that Avid is stepping up their dev game and planning to focus more on features and general improvements compared to how they've been operating in this sphere for the past years? Or is it just "Times are tough, business is tough so now pay more if you want to stay industry standard"? All the negativity aside, I am assuming that they have smart people on their teams and they want to push Pro Tools forward and stay competitive for different professionals, semi-pros and amateurs who will or will not go pro at some point but still are willing to pump plenty of their money into Avid as long as they find it worth it and as long as they see that Pro Tools is headed in the right direction according to them. This year in my opinion has been pretty weird for Avid in general so far. They had a fairly significant delay with 2019.5 where they focused mostly on continuous playback which has been super long overdue and probably fairly large under the hood improvements to make it all work. Then the follow-up with 2019.6 just to fix some stuff they broke with .5 and prepare for new HEAT and Plugin Bundle distribution with all the subscription craze and confusing cross-grades and unclear explanations and we are where we are. If one thinks about the last 8 months, hardly anything happened. Yes, the smooth playback will be a big feature for some and we assume that it required lots of work based on the time they took to get it done but considering that other DAWs had this for a decade+ as a STANDARD, not as a feature and ONLY Avid managed to make a big deal out of it, to market it somehow? and justify the wait?, it might not even be considered a feature but just Avid fixing their stuff. Obviously it's just my perspective but depending on how we choose to look at the last 8 months, it might or might not seem very disappointing overall, then the price increase. A fairly big one percentage wise. Are we supposed to see the recent months with 2019.5 smooth playback and the price increase as a foundation for a better, more focused development of Pro Tools, more features, more bug fixes etc. OR is it just them struggling, trying to milk us as much as they can before those of us who can, jump the ship or park and stop supporting them for years? Just my 5 cents as I am quite curious what the future will bring after all the bitterness and anger with them have settled a bit.

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