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Default Re: Mojave breaks DADman software

Originally Posted by Johnny Hulst View Post
Thanks, I didn’t know this... I downloaded the DAD software from the Avid site, were ofcourse is no sign of this. From now on I will check the DAD site too.
There is, but in small letters Taken from AVID site:

Pro Tools

macOS Mojave (10.14) is supported with Pro Tools 2019.5 and higher.
Note that the DADman software for Pro Tools | MTRX is not supported with macOS Mojave at this time.

Weīre also stuck with this as we had to buy a new MAC which came installed with Mojave. We have the new monitoring page on PT Control app but DADMan is not compatible and most stuff doesnīt work as youīve mentioned.
I donīt understand why AVID announces PT compatibility with Mojave as let people that bought itīs most expensive interface MTRX out in the dark. Just because they are not the manufacturers of the MTRX and itīs associated software, itīs not an excuse for their responsability. No wonder why people are switching to Windows...

Paulo M
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