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Default Re: "invalid string position"

Originally Posted by Tommy1977 View Post

today I wanted to open a session from an external usb harddrive that I recorded about one year ago.. Meanwhile I installed a new PC in my studio but I still use Pro Tools 11 as I did last year. When I open the session, Pro Tools starts to load all the tracks but in the end it says that itīs not able to open the session because of "invalid string position"
Any idea how I can solve the problem?

Do other PT sessions play okay? How are you opening the session - do you start PT first and then open the session or do you double click on the session to both open PT and open the session? What computer and operating system are you using? Also make sure the USB ports are not turning off due to the Windows operating system power savings measures (I'm assuming you're on Windows considering you are using a PC and not a Mac).

It could be a corrupt PT install or just not compatible with your operating system.
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