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Default -9129 errors on HD NATIVE MBP QUAD CORE

Heres the message i keep getting:
Audio processing could not complete due to conflicts with other CPU tasks or a potential clocking issue. If this occurs often, verify your sync cables or try changing the HW Buffer Size setting in the Playback Engine dialog. In most cases a larger HW buffer size will prevent the problem. (-9129)

I realize I'm not alone regarding this error, weird thing is it seems to me that this just started to occur since updating to 10.1.1.
At any rate I'm so far not completely disabled as a result of this error, what I'm Hopi g for is AVID to get thier act together and fix this!

Would AVID like to chime in and let us know what's up win all this?
Interestingly when I run the same rig with my Presonus fire face lightpipe interface I don't get the errors!

Protools HD 10.1.1, MBP, HD NATIVE, Omni interface.
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