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Default Re: I don't feel so ripped off anymore

Originally Posted by Third Eye Studios View Post
an error saying PT wouldn't auto-save a backup, and a recent mix I had done on 8cs3 wouldn't open.
Oh I got those "Can't auto save" all the time also.8 is a joke for us pc guys plain and simple.

And yes........I was using a stock 8.0.1 with no other plugs installed on a fresh drive newly loaded with Windows XP,tweaked to digis specs exactly and the damn thing would'nt run more then 3-5 minutes without an -6031 popping up,along with the can't auto save,and along with frequent assertion errors.WTF........what a pos program!
Bug ridden Pro Tools 8 but back to 7.4 HD2,192 I/O,96 I/O,Midi I/O,Control 24
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