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Default Waves Plugins Wanted(?)

Hi everyone,

It's be a while since I posted up here or ever lurked around. After a decade, I am STILL running my Digi 003 controller on my G5 PPC with ProTools 8 on OSX 10. It's a beautiful machine, gives me all I need and I feel no urge to update or upgrade any of it.

That being said, I would like to know if there is a way to acquire legacy plug-ins that used to go with this system. Specifically, I'd LOVE to get a working set of Waves plug-ins for this. I don't know how Avid does anything anymore; I'd heard they did away with the iLok and Steinberg USB keys, and that ProTools has become a subscription service. Before all that, I think the way you used to be able to buy old plug-ins were for someone to sell you their software, to unregister their plug-ins on the iLok systems, and then for you to upload the same serials under your account. Does that sound accurate?

Anyway, all that in mind, is there a way for dinosaurs such as I to acquire the old legacy plug-ins and get them registered and running on my system? There were so many great plug-ins back then. I never got them all. But again, as I say, I'd really love to get the Waves plug-ins.

Hope you guys can advise and point me in the right direction.

Chris :)
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