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Default Re: no EuCon for 10.10.1

Originally Posted by hanksinclair View Post
Hey Christopher,

got it working now! Have had much crashes before (EuControl AND Logic X at the same time), but now it works.

I have 4 devices: 2 Mix, 1 Control and 1 Transport. I am working with OS X 10.10.1, EuControl 3.2.1 and Logic 10.1.0.

With the following procedure I got no more crashes and everything is working fine now:

1) Switch OFF Mac and the 4 devices
2) Booting Mac, but letting the 4 devices be switched OFF
3) Waiting until the EuControl symbol in the menu bar stops spinning
4) Starting Logic X
5) When Logic is up complete, I switch ON only ONE of the Artist Mix devices
6) When this device is ON complete, I switch ON the Artist Control
7) When this device is ON complete, I switch ON second Artist Mix
6) When this device is ON complete, I switch ON the MC Transport

I don't know why this all is working now, but maybe I had IP address conflicts before (when switching ON all 4 devices nearly simultaneously). Or it was the chronological order that has caused the crashes.

Hey Hank, does this work with Logic as well? I'm going to go give it a try & let you all know what happens!!! BRB
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