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Default Re: Idea Scale - please vote - Midi Feature Request

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
I would like in effect to solo a note or a hit in a drum track and be able to filter my velocity lane for only that note

So I could see for example the velocity for the entire song on only my snare hits - seems like a nice feature - if you wanna see it in PT12 please vote
I'm not sure what you mean. I can click on a note on the vertical keyboard in the midi editor and all notes on that note get selected. If I move the velocity of that note, the rest move along proportionaly. I even can drag the note to a different one and all of the notes on that note get dragged to the new note/beat.

I can too make a square selection (buttonDown-dragToSelect-release) when using the hand tool, which allows me to select all notes on the same note for a certain measure only. I can add things to the selection by holding the shift key, again with gragging or just clicking on certain notes.
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