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Default buying a used macbook pro 3 to choose from need advice

my first choice $1200 2.2ghz pro 120 gig 5400 drive geforce 8600 128mb graphics card 4 gig of installed ram osx 10.5.6 4mb on chip shared l2 cache 15 inch

next choice $1200 2.5ghz pro 200gig 7200 hard drive 8600 512mb graphics card 2gig installed ram osx have not spoke with the seller yet
6mb shared l2 cache 15inch

macbook 2.4ghz 13inch 160gig hard drive 2gig ram intel graphics $1099 nego.

i have never bought a mac but i have been doing my research so iam pushing more to the 2 pros unless i can talk the mackbook guy down to $700 or 750

but i notice between the 2 pros the 1 with 4gig of ram is nice but less l2 and smaller hard drive and slower cpu

on the other hand faster cpu bigger l2 but i will nee to upgrade ram no big deal
so my question is will the 2.5 give me that much more power versus the 2.2 and does the bigger l2 make a big diffrence

i like to use alot of guitar sims and vis i also like to use some vis live when playing out

durring mix and recording i just want to be able to record at low buffer setting with my guitar sims and some vis on like xpand sampletank
i am running pt8
on a windows laptop and it served me well on 7.1 but since i upgraded it does not do so well at lower buffer and it is only a single core amd

later i will build a new i7 or buy a mac pro for more extensive work but this will be my first mac if i buy it and as far as laptops go there is so much confusion on the windows side to make a good choice for a new laptop as far as capatability so this is my chance to work with osx and see which way i will go for my next desktop

any advice on the choices i have laid would be appreciated i feel that all of these machines are at a good price
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