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Default Re: Feature request for the dock in Logic

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Eucon is a framework that each DAW can use how they want.

Here's what Eucon Dock looks like for Pro Tools. This isn't a restriction put on by Eucon -- it's available to Logic too but they have to want to use it.

Page 1 (first layer without Alt) where you can clearly see I have "Write" able to be changed:

Page 2 (layer up with Alt which is why you see it highlighted and you'll see it marked as "page 2" for programming). I've got "punch preview" ready to change if I want.

Your problem is with Apple/Logic because they can implement this stuff if they want.
I'm not convinced that it is up to Apple. My config page looks exactly like yours except the PAGE section is greyed out (there is just 1 page). It looks like something Avid hasn't implemented for logic yet, because the page buttons work for the soft buttons on the dock and artist control. Logic doesn't care where the eucon command comes from, anyway. This would be up to Avid, but it's not my feature request.

As for write, touch, latch, etc, these are the only buttons on the hardware that are hard-coded to those functions. You can assign Eucon functions to them, but they are ignored.
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