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Default Re: during record, signal will not exceed -4dBFS

Thanks for the quick reply. The clipping definitely seems to be occurring at the input to the 888/24. I discovered the problem after trasferring some stems directly from a DA98. Just to be sure it was not somehow being caused by the source machine, I took a 1kHz sine wave from a signal generator in ProTools and routed it back into the I/O. I even bypassed the patchbay, connecting the output directly to the input on the back of the interface. Same result, same clipping.

When you mention the input gain being set too low, do you mean the +4/-10dB setting? This occurred to me, but if it was in fact inadvertently set to -10, I assumed the output level from the 888 would be low as well. But the output is routed to a Multimax, and the Dorroughs attached to the MM meter outputs show I have plenty of signal strength at that end. Therefore, I have not checked the operating level status. (Didn't the older 888's have a switch on the back to change operating level, or did I dream that?)

btw, congrats on the success of your Syncheck! What a shame we'll no longer be able to blame loose sync on our monitors!

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