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Default Re: AudioSuite vocal tuning plugin?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Autotune Live could do that. Having said that, When I have small clips to fix, I will usually add a "tuning" track above the track I am working on. When I find a clip that needs tuning, I copy>paste to the "tuning" track, make the fixes, and then record it back to the source track(the "tuning" track is routed via a bus to the source track, and source track is set to INPUT monitor for auditioning)
This is how I work, I copy the bits I want to edit to another track same as you, then I A/S edit it there and copy back to the original tracks leaving the edited bit visible on the copy track so I have a visual feedback where I have been editing, the problem is I can't find a plugin that would do it, Waves Tune sounds "OK" but I cannot figure out why it gives me clicks, I have tried using it at different H/W buffer sizes but the problem remains.

I just downloaded and installed Autotune7 TDM/RTAS and oh, I don't think this sounds good at all :-/ Additionally, it keeps giving me an "audio extended beyond buffer size" error even though I have given it 1000 seconds for a 4 second job :-/

I guess I should have Melodyne up on the "tuning" track that I then record back to the original or third track... damn, how something that should be easy is actually that much of a pain
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