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Default Re: Avid support seems like a joke

Originally Posted by Oli P View Post
I honestly can't see why covid should be to blame for telephone support not working.

But my problem is that pro tools cpu usage goes crazy after having a session open for a while an hour or less.
It just builds up until it goes into max and refuses to play.
If I quit pro tools and restart, it goes back to normal...and then the cycle repeats with the buildup again.
Sometimes it is still crazy when I reopen...and then I have to restart the computer to get it back to normal ...for a while until next surge.

Problem started a few days ago.

I then updated OSX to catalina to see if that helped...and latest PT version.
But this problem seems to persist.
Out of curiosity, would you like to try using this (or similar app) to switch to using the Intel integrated graphics rather the discrete AMD card in your iMac? See if that does anything..
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