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Default Re: Protools 10 upgrade (imac-macbook pro)

As far as I am aware you can install PT10 on as many systems as you wish to as it is only possible to run it when the authorized ilok is connected to that system.

If you disconnect the ilok then unlike previous versions (which would continue to run until it was reconnected), PT10 will ask you to reinsert the ilok to save the document that is currently open.

PT10 runs on Lion very well.

Not sure about the install question. I'd expect a full installer to be available to you once you have upgraded. As the PT9 full installer has issues on Lion.

For the record this exactly the position I am in. I have an imac with Pt10 and a MacBook Pro also with PT10, they both run flawlessly while the ilok is connected and prompt for it to be inserted if I remove it while PT10 is running.

Hope this helps your friend.

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