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Default Re: two digimax, one 192?

Yes, you could use the legacy port to connect a couple of older interfaces if you'd like. If you have an adatbridge laying around not doing anything, that would be a fine way to get in from a digimax. Take the earlier warnings seriously though; the digimax AD's aren't the best in the world. They'll do the job, but without a lot of flash.

It sounds like you're not entirely familiar with how the hardware for HD is setup. The digital i/o card that comes in the 192 is 8 channels only. It can be switched between the three different formats, but it is still only 8 channels. The expansion dig i/o is exactly the same thing. The point that we've all tried to make is that you have 16 channels of light pipe input on the 192 (8 thru the dig card and 8 thru the enclosure connections). That much seems clear enough. What you have to understand is that there is NO way to make a single 192 or 96 i/o pass more than 16 channels of i/o. You have to either add another interface to the legacy port or the expansion port. The digilink cable can carry 32 channels to the card, here's how they layout:

1-16: primary interface
17-32: expansion interface port (or legacy port)

My advice, assuming you're ok with the sonics of your digimax's, would be to rent a 96 and use it on the expansion port with the third digimax feeding litepipe to it. You may also choose to use an adatbridge to the legacy port instead of the 96. OR, you may even choose to use another 192 and go analog on 16 channels and digital on 8. OR, maybe you could get a 192 with an additional AD card and go analog on all of them!! The possibilities are endless. Well, not really, but you see what I'm saying.
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