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Default Re: Plugin Alliance have gone subscription

Originally Posted by Gemylon View Post
Yes, remember buying that one back in 2008.
Dirk's first release :)

I am now planning on selling most of my PA stuff.
Keeping a few specials though.
Do be aware that PA has changed the terms on selling licenses. It's at this page:
You have to be logged in to see it. For those who don't want to login to the PA site here's a copy/paste:

Transfer License

If you want to transfer / sell any of your PA licenses to somebody else, you can do this here.
Below is a complete list of all your active licenses that are available for you to transfer to another customer. You can select multiple licenses to transfer, but only one person to transfer them to at a time. If you want to sell various licenses to a number of different people, you can do so, but please read the instructions below!
After you transfer any licenses, the person you transferred them to will have to pay a transfer fee of $20 per plugin before they can activate them.
We are currently working on enabling the buyer to pay for the license transfer fees using our Dynamic Discounts, so they will save big time when activating several transferred licenses at once. Right now a buyer will have to pay $20 per plugin, without being able to use Dyanamic Discounts.
As soon as the Dynamic Discounts will be enabled for activation fees (we're aiming at August 2019), you can get a discount of up to 60%, if you activate 6 or more plugins in one go. Which will bring down the effective cost per license transfer to $8 per plugin. For reference, the transfer fee for ilok licenses is $25 per plugin.
We will apply the same stepped discount for activation fees that we apply to plugin purchases, so you'll save 20% on 2 activations, 30% on3, 40% on 4, 50% on 5, and 60% on activations of 6 or more plugins.
Also, you can pay license activation fees with loyalty voucher codes if you have some.
We used to limit the number of transferred licenses to 10 per month, but we have lifted this restriction as of July 25, 2019!
You can now transfer as many licenses in one transaction as you want, but currently you can only initiate one transfer per month. We are actively working on lifting that restriction as well, so in the near future you will be able to sell and transfer as many licenses as you want, in as many transactions per month as you want. You cannot transfer inactive licenses, free licenses, licenses with a fee required, licenses that were previously transferred to you.
Remaining Restrictions:
  • You cannot transfer inactive licenses, or inactive licenses which require a fee to be paid.
  • If you have a license for a multiple versions of a plugin (for example, bx_digital V2 and bx_digital V3), then those licenses cannot be transferred separately.
  • FREE Licenses canít *be sold, for example the ones you get when you open a PA account, like bx_cleansweepV2, bx_rockrack Player, bx_solo, bx_subfilter, elysia niveau filter, bx_freeranger, etc.
Plugin Alliance is not involved in any financial agreement or transaction between people who transfer licenses (aka buyer and seller).

When you login to the site and go to the page you'll also see a listing of what you currently own.
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