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Default WaveRider Question / Probs

I can't get WaveRider to work on anything beyond channels 1-8. I use a C24 and a punchlight USB, wonder if that has to do with anything?

#1 is HUI punchlight
#2 is Wave Rider ch.1-8 receive, ch. 1-8 send to
#3 not used
#4 not used

So if I change Wave Rider to 9-16 and setup vocalrider on, for instance, channel 9 it doesn't do anything.

I'm guessing it's because of my C24 that I can't access any other channel only channels 1-8.

Also my automation seems to be like 1-2 frames late even though I adjusted H/W buffer size to 1024 and made sure I didn't have any plugins on that track. It's not operating like I see in the demo's...I'm doing something wrong here?
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