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Default Working with Memory Locations

Let's take a look at working with Memory Locations on the S6. The simplest way to access Markers and Locates is by pressing the "Mem Loc" switch on the top row of the numeric section of the Automation Module. This will bring up Locates on the right side Soft Keys in chunks of 10, which can be paged through - up to 100.

Press a Locate Soft Key to recall it.

Press a Locate Soft Key, Hold Shift, then press another Locate to create a range spanning the two locations.

Use the Down Arrow to clear an existing range selection.

Use the "Edit" switch to modify an existing locate.

Use the "Enter" switch to quickly add a new locate.

To borrow all of the Soft Key panels to display up to 48 Memory Locations per page, hold Shift while pressing the "Mem Loc" switch. The locates are formatted in a vertical orientation so the Left Master Module and Left Automation Module make up a column of 24 locations. Dedicated switches for managing the Memory Locations Window can be found within each quadrant. Use Shift + 0 or the "Close" buttons to get back to the Default Soft Key panels.

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