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Default Re: Undipped music stem

Sorry Mike, I should have put some smiley's into my references to you, as they were meant to be light hearted! In fact I think I'll go back and edit them in.

Issues that violate a rule no matter how you do treat them, come up all the time during doc mixes. I just try to make a choice that does least harm. For my example above, if there is only music with no effects, I tend to do a smooth change across time. I figure that will be easy for a mixer to work with later, but I also can see your approach (dip ahead of dialog) is easy also, assuming my dip is a smooth one.

Yes, working around unwanted dips can be interesting. I have only done a few dub jobs but I'll never forget some miserable mixes on analog consoles with music that was pulled from other mixed episodes, with dips in crazy places that no longer make sense. Very challenging! If I had to do that every day I'd find a new line of work.
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