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Default Re: All my projects vanished

Originally Posted by Itsjake View Post
The 2019 update of pro tools first is supposed to allow you to have unlimited offline projects. but the program is very glitchy and you can't even depend on it to save anything properly. I got those same messages and all of my projects vanished as well. But even before this 2019 update my 3 online projects still would be very glitchy and not save properly. I guess all we can do is wait and hopefully they can resolve this issue and maybe get our projects back.
That doesn't sound good. I do keep seeing a notification down the bottom right about an Avid update but I have not run it. I installed Pro Tools first about three months ago (maybe longer).

I am going away shortly on a long trip where I wont always have an internet connection. I have Pro Tools first also on my laptop. I was wondering what kind of effect it will have if there is no internet connection or if it will work at all.

Its such a pity it seems so unreliable as it does have a lot going for it. I imagine if this is happening to serious composers they are going to have heart failure if they lose all their work.
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