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Default Re: The owner has deleted shared project

Originally Posted by jgdeschamps View Post
Yes, it's annoying. I used to have a Pro Tools LE system with an original MBox (the Focusrite one) for personal recordings, and I used to operate a Digi 001 setup for a local cumbia group's studio, both under MacOS 9. Fantastic DAW setup, so intuitive and reliable with great performance. But after Digidesign switched to MacOS X, all of those treats went down the drain. I switched to Logic Platinum and then to Logic Studio after Apple bought Emagic. But there was always something missing that Pro Tools had under MacOS 9. Recently switched to Studio One Pro v4 and it's fantastic, but I constantly yearn to go back to Pro Tools. I'm doing better now money-wise so I'm testing the waters with PTF to see if it's worth buying (not renting) a regular Pro Tools license so I can use all of my Waves plugins, but if PT is as buggy as PTF is, it will be a no-go. It's a shame, since Pro Tools has the best workflow of all DAWs.
Pro Tools First is unfortunately a waste of time if you want to get to Pro Tools. You can rent Pro Tools standard per month or get a free one month evaluation of Pro Tools Ultimate.... the same exact binary with a few extra features unlocked, and the sessions are compatible, so you can play with that that then purchase Pro Tools standard. And you can do all that with standard plugin compatibility and local sessions not flakey cloud projects—neither possible with The highly crippled First. It is not your fault that the cloud storage part of First is such a mess, but I do question that if you have experience with Pro Tools in the past and want to be on Standard with Waves plugins etc. then you are just wasting time doing anything with First.
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