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Default Re: Slate VMR releasing on Monday!

Originally Posted by RaySoul View Post
the "Mkie" console in NLS is "heavier" than anything in VCC.
Ok, so it's not just me. It is way more pronounced in the low end than I think it should be, and sounds scooped above it. I never thought I'd use drive at zero on these processors, but I do with Mike. And I really want to like Spike, but I have yet to find an application that Mike or Nevo don't do better.

Originally Posted by RaySoul View Post
As far as FGX is concerned, I only use it to mock mastering. So I don't really miss it(and obviously I can use it in 10 if I really need), it's just a principal thing that we don't have it and Slate keeps introducing new stuff. Even in that, VCC works inside the DDMF Metaplugin. So if I need it, I can use it. But not having it has allowed me to really appreciate NLS...
Fair points. I was just hoping there was an AAX plug that I haven't heard of, that could stand in for FG-X. Personally, I have been making use of Cosmos and Xenon. But the transient handling isn't quite the same - not better, not worse, just more involved.
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