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Default Re: Slate VMR releasing on Monday!

Originally Posted by mesaone View Post
For curiosity's sake, what have you substituted for VCC and FG-X?

I've used NLS and PSP Xenon as pinch hitters.

Well, VCC I use to add weight. And in a side by side test I found, amazingly, that the "Mkie" console in NLS is "heavier" than anything in VCC. As far as FGX is concerned, I only use it to mock mastering. So I don't really miss it(and obviously I can use it in 10 if I really need), it's just a principal thing that we don't have it and Slate keeps introducing new stuff. Even in that, VCC works inside the DDMF Metaplugin. So if I need it, I can use it. But not having it has allowed me to really appreciate NLS...
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