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Default Re: any way to better distribute the workload between the cores

Is it actually causing you issues with AAE errors? If not ignore it. Watching the meters usually is not that useful.

Lots of other leading info like your sample rate, buffer size you are using would be useful to know.

If you are having AAE CPU errors then you can try -

Run at a larger IO buffer size

Run at a lower sample rate

Avoid deep chaining signal paths/lots of bus chaining/stacking of plugins. Long chains/deep bussing pushes more stuff onto fewer cores.

Avoid use of multi-channel/stereo plugins when multi-mono plugins would work. Recently discussed on DUC. This causes say both stereo track parts to be processed on the same core.

Make more use of freeze and commit

Try disabling hyper threading

—- and as always...

Make sure your system is fully optimized.

Do standard troubleshooting looking for poorly behaved plugins, and plugin denormalization effects. Especially make sure disk cache is enabled==Set to a size not “normal”. I would also disable dynamic plugin processing, and leave it disabled it causes more real hassles than it is worth.

OS X 10.8.x.... are you really running 2018 on that?
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