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Default Re: Focusrite Clarett 8PreX Pad

Originally Posted by Trent W. View Post
. . .
1 - Is there any way to pad or trim inputs so I can use a preamp with it?

2 - I have to crank the gain to the very top in order to get anything out of the U87. . .

. . . I'm still getting used to Focusrite Control, so excuse me if i'm overlooking something. . .
Originally Posted by Trent W. View Post
. . . I'm getting around -24db with gain set to around 5:00. . .
Originally Posted by Cutlerbri View Post
. . . I have to turn the input gain WAY up to create a level. . .
The Focusrite Control windows are where you set the input levels. Channels 1 and 2 can be selected to instrument, line or microphone level. Channels 3 through 8 can only be line or microphone level.

If you want to pad the input, set it to line level. If you are using a mic, but have it set to line level, you will not get the correct level.

The mic preamps have 57 dB of gain, which should be enough for condenser or dynamic mics, but maybe not ribbon mics. I have an Apogee Element which has mic gain of 75 dB. The Apogee also has mic, instrument, and two selections for line level -- either -10 or +4 -- on all the inputs. It also has a "soft limit" feature which rolls off the upper 4dB to prevent clipping.

Attached are photos of the Focusrite Control and Apogee Element setup pages. Either interface has software mixers than permit direct monitoring and individualized headphone monitoring mixes for near zero latency recording.

The output settings are also configured in the Focusrite Control window. The selections made should echo in the Pro Tools I/O setup page.
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