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Default PT 9.0.6 Start/Stop Issue and Plug-in Instrument Issue

Hey all,

This may have been covered before but I'm tired of looking through past threads. I just updated to PT9.0.6 and that was a mistake! Before the update, all was fine. I already purchased a support code for a different issue and now I have another two. There are now major problems with starting and stopping a song no matter how simple. PT is acting like it can't handle the load. Most of the time after I've stopped, the fader meter bar lights(not sure the proper term) remain lit as if they were stuck.

Second problem, I can no longer play a soft synth for example unless the actual song is playing. Strange as hell! Clicking on the virtual keyboard doesn't play anything nor does it work with a controller, unless the song is in playback.

Thanks in advance for whoever helps!!
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