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Default Can\'t \"play\" protools PLEASE HELP!!!

Hey, I have an audio media III card that was my main card until about 3 months ago when I got an 001. Recently, I moved the amIII card to another g3(512mb of ram w/80 gig drive/dvd +-)to use at church. I really didn't use PTLe because of the long BTD time, so I used cubase sx and a delta 1010lt card instead. I wanted to edit some things in PTle one Sunday and PTle opened but when I imported the audio and pressed "play", it just sat there with the blue light lit but nothing was moving. I could see the plugs, rewind, fforward and such, but it would never "play". I changed the card to another mac, same problem. I re-installed PTLe, same problem. What could possibly be wrong? I've already bought another 001, but I would like to get the card working again. It is the "QC" version and I would like to use it in a PC if possible. Thanks for any suggestions.
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