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Default Re: Poor solution to the CPU Spikes

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
OK, but I suspect lots of folks already knew that.

But more importantly to actually try to fix you problem... I would try Mojave or Catalina in a test install. Serious performance issues, like you described were fixed for other users in Mojave.

I will be surprised if you hear anything from Avid. There are lots of these complaints in the past.. and folks have largely solved issues themselves.

Several graphics performance issues have come about because of a combination of Apple making rapid graphics changes and Avid not being able to keep up. Your other software is not likely running decade+? old graphics code though old libraries, and layers of runtime compatibility crap. Both sides have failed here, Apple is not motivated by looking after laggard legacy software vendors, they are in run fast mode... with iOS and Metal driving the graphics future. And on the other hand Avid does not seem to have resources to do much of anything to keep up (but can magically find resourced to waste time of Pro Tools First and Cloud Collaboration crap).
Believe it or not, it has been few years I am using PT, having those CPU Spikes issues pretty quickly, I wasted countless hours on forums to find a solution and never saw someone mentioning that until recently.

Although this is not a "real" solution, as at some point CPU Spikes will rise again, but it just takes more time and let you more headroom regarding number/tracks/auxes/plugins before it happens.

A test install is indeed the best thing to do. But only for Pro Tools. Because apart from Pro Tools, this computer is working flawlessly, as said previously.
Although a little research on the Duc forums shows that a lot of people in a similar situation as myself tried to upgrade the OS (to Mojave) and still encountered the exact same issues.

Yeah because I think Avid does not care for customers if they stop paying. If you are on perpetual and your plan is not updated (so not paying monthly fees) you are not a concern to them anymore. At least that's how I feel atm =/...

Oh and yes ! Mojave is compatible with PT 2019 only apparently. Since I am on 12.6, and my update plan is off. It means that I'll have to upgrade and pay now (thanks Avid again) monthly fee to MAYBE makes it work.
That reduces the chance of letting me giving it a try in peace (I already use a trial for PT 2019 when I tried to see if upgrading PT would help as everyone was suggesting it, with no surprise it did not...).
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