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Default Re: Dedicating a new firewire drive to record, playback, and to backup files?

Backing up should be done AFTER using Pro Tools ideally, not DURING usage. No problem to use the same drive, but the idea is to 'back up' - meaning a second copy. If you're using the same drive then if that drive goes down you'll lose the files....

Your External FW needs to be a 7,200rpm - If you have that then you'll be OK

Thanks! Thankfully I have several USB external HD's so I can backup on them in addition to my new firewire drive. I am trying to find out if my drive is 7,200 rpm. It doesn't specify anyone I can find. It's a new Western Digital My Book studio. I will look into this more and make sure I have that. I did back up everything from my internal to this new external while protools was closed. When I opened a session from this new firewire drive, I still got the -6101 DAE error going on. I sure hope this drive is 7,200 rpm. Thanks for the help!
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