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Default Power supply limitations on MBox 2 USB vs. MBox 2 Pro

I am looking to start my own small production business from home for the purposes of doing jingle and commercial writing for local business and radio. Therefore most of what I will be doing will be Midi and sampling along with some limited live audio tracks (vocals, guitar, horns, etc.) to beef up the sound when needed. So I am wondering if the lack of Firewire and A/C that the "MBox 2 Pro" has will really effect my limited needs on live analog recording if I get the standard "MBox 2" (for instance running a vocal mic with a condenser on phantom power). I need professional quality certainly but I'm not sure if I'll notice any difference for the limited number of live track recording I'll be doing on my own since I'm not looking at recording live bands or multiple instruments at once. Basically I am trying not to spend or get more than I need to get started. Is there anyone who does similar work or has knowledge related to MBox that could help me out with some info or advice?
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