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Default Analogue Desk opinions from Old Skool

Hi all,

Loving my 002rack and Command 8 and in the process of remodeling my Control room. The idea crossed my mind to go back to the old days and put a 24 channel inline 8 buss console in for tracking and even mixing. Was thinking about a desk that gives a sound of its own, without dropping a bundle on the likes of the SSL AWS900.

Any thoughts on this crazy idea, or suggestions of desks, old or new that won't need a second mortgage. Lets say under $5,000.00.

Just a note I am in Australia, and to get a HD2 system here we are talking around $25,000 AUD with a decent interface.

I still may go this way, but in the interim till we see what Version 7 has besides surround.

Styles of music I produce are POP ROCK, Country Rock, Adult contemporary, and some electronic.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Best regards,

Big D
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