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Default Re: Perpetual License "lost"

EDIT: I've been on hold to activation support for over 2 hours. Is this normal?

EDIT 2: I've just received this generic & rather useless response from email support:

Thank you for contacting Avid Customer Care.

The Pro Tools Perpetual Bundled License cannot be activated on both the iLok cloud and iLok key at the same time.

You can only choose 1 location. Currently the license is activated on the iLok cloud.

To transfer the license to the iLok key, please follow the steps shown on the link below:

I will be closing this case for now, for further assistance reply back to this email or call us at 1-888-456-3444 /
+1 978-275-2555. We are open from Mondays-Fridays at 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time.
This doesn't address let alone solve our issue at all. Is anyone able to solve this issue for us quickly? Studio is out of order currently.

Original Post:

I'm having the exact same issue right now.

My iLok shows the following:

Pro Tools Perpetual Bundle
> Pro Tools 10
> Pro Tools 11
> Pro Tools 12
> Pro Tools Perpetual (2019)

I can see "Show Locations", "Quit", "Next" but "Next" is greyed out.

I have tried moving the license to the cloud and onto my iLok, I've also tried uninstalling Pro Tools and re-installing. No luck.

It was all working fine until today.

What's interesting is when I press "Show Locations" it says "This product license is activated to the cloud"... So Pro Tools is recognising I have the license but still not letting me proceed? Weird.

Please help.

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