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Default Re: External storage systems Questions????

One more thing, for busses like Firewire, Thunderbolt, etc. you need to add up the number of devices on the bus to determine how much bandwidth each device will actually have available. So as an example, if you have 4 drives daisy chained on a FW800 bus, and all 4 are reading/writing simultaneously, each drive theoretically will only have 1/4 of the available bandwidth, or 25 MB/s. However, if you have 4 drives connected, but only use one at a time, the one drive you are using will operate closer to the 100MB/s bandwidth of the bus.

So while the speed of thunderbolt seems oversized for a single SATA II SSD, it will work great with 4 SATA II SSDs, since each SSD should theoretically have around 300MB/s of bandwidth available.

Keep in mind that I don't have any real world experience with thunderbolt, so I'm just going by what I have read about it. There may be limitations I'm not aware of. But it is definitely faster than anything else, other than PCIe.
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