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Default Creative Reprogramming of Transport Soft Keys


Let's take a look at a simple example of repurposing some of the switches on the Transport section of S4/S6 to control and modify selections in Pro Tools.

Touch Soft Keys from the top of the Master Module, then touch on the pop-up and specifically choose Automation Module Transport to access those switches.

I've chosen to repurpose the R MODE, LOC and BACK switches, but you can decide which switches you don't use very frequently and modify those.

Touch a switch like LOC on the Master Module -> then below, touch the EUCON block function and then Delete. Now right near where you touched the EUCON block, touch Add -> then EUCON down below -> then scroll through the list on the left and find Edit Menu > Restore Last Selection. Touch Done.

You've now successfully reprogrammed the LOC switch to trigger Restore Last Selection in Pro Tools. Repeat these steps for any other functions you want to modify.

Reprogramming Transport Soft Keys

Jeff Komar
Solutions Specialist, Pro Audio
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