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Default 3 Ways: Bank & Justify


To quickly bring up any track from your session onto the desk and place it in a predictable location:

From Settings > User, first determine the orientation you want for the Banking Justification Mode. This can be set as absolute Left, absolute Right or Left or Right relative to the location of the Master Module.

Next, make sure in Pro Tools under Setup > Preferences > Mixing > "Scroll to Tracks" Banks Controllers is ticked.

(1) Use Shift + Control while clicking on a track from either the Edit or Mix Windows in Pro Tools.

(2) Press the Soft Key Scroll to Track which can be found in the Extras page of the Automation Module (Right) while in the default view. After pressing, simply start typing to find the appropriate track then hit enter.

(3) Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Option + F from Pro Tools to perform the same operation.

Jeff Komar
Solutions Specialist, Pro Audio
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