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Default Re: CLEAR ALL SOLO shortcut

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Rich, could you detail how you program that into Maestro? ... is there a way to move the cursor back to its original position?
Also- If I'm on the mixer page, it selects something else...
I don't need this particular macro since I use a control surface, but I just programmed it in about 30 seconds to make sure it would work, and it does.

You might add a condition to not run if the front window does not contain "edit", or you could add a condition to toggle to the edit window if it's in the mix window.

You should check "Restore Mouse Location" in the details dialog for the action (the little gear icon opens it) if you want to return the cursor to where it was.

edit: just uploaded an example; it may need to have exact click location modified to run on your rig, and it's not particularly graceful, but it should give you the general idea:

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