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Default Re: Getting all confused...want to update PT9

Originally Posted by Patill View Post
Hey guys,

so I just bought the Avid Update, a new iLok 3 and would like to get started...when looking at compatibilities, it seems like Battery 3 by Native Instruments is no longer supportet with ProTools 11 (right?), so Pro Tools 10 seems to be the right choice. Can I run Pro Tools 10 with El Capitan?

Or do I have to install some other OS?

Lots of questions and lots of confusion.
What Avid update did you buy?
PT11 only supports aax64 format plugins so Battery 3 won't run in it.
PT10 will NOT run in El Crapitan; the latest OSX it'll run is is OSX 10.9.5

But none of your post makes any sense. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
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