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Default Re: Best slots for 001 PCI card and RAM chips?

The only issue with the ram could be it's speed. As you have an 867 machine all ram must be 133mhz speed. If any of the chips are 100mhz you'll have problems. There is another compatibility issue that is unlikely as I don't believe the computer would even boot up if the ram wasn't compatible. Make sure the 001 card is properly seated and is in the first slot (nearest the top)

You may have to consider doing a clean install of OS9.2.1. Please don't install OSX on the same drive. If it's already installed then you need to remove it and format the drive and install 9.2.1

there's a lot of reasons why you could get errors 1-2-3 and ram and hardware are the first places to look but an improperly setup clean OS can also cause problems. I say when in doubt clean house.

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